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ニュージーランドのファッションブランド『Stolen Girlfriends Club(以下、SGC)』が2日、人種差別的な広告を掲載したことに対して謝罪した。

若者向けのモダンな服飾を販売しているSGCは先月末、『Stolen Artifacts(盗まれた芸術品)』というジュエリーコレクションを発表した。



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I want to make a formal apology; The title i have given our latest collection has offended some people. I am deeply sorry for this, it was never my intention. ⁠ For those of you that may not know the backstory here, we just released our new collection this week. I wanted the collection to be special and timeless – like artifacts are. With everything we do now, we want to build artifacts instead of landfill. We want to create products that have purpose and meaning, and can stand the test of time. So i decided to name this collection ‘Stolen Artifacts’ 🤦🏻‍♂️ ⁠ Overlaying this collection title onto our campaign images featuring people of colour gave some people a very negative meaning. These beautiful images were shot back in January this year and i guess i should have thought more about how the title could be interpreted, i’m an idiot sometimes. Unfortunately I made a big mistake and i apologise for this. ⁠ Our brand name when shortened can create a negative stigma, one that I need to be more aware of. I have to be careful when abbreviating the brand name to ’Stolen’, and use this word in front of another, as it can completely change a meaning for someone. The title ’Stolen Artifacts’ was never intended to mean ’stolen goods’ or anything that has been taken from another.⁠ We were simply branding the artifacts we had designed. ⁠ As soon as i discovered people were getting offended, and i was made aware of the perception around the phrasing ‘STOLEN ARTIFACTS’, we took the content down and examined the situation in greater depth. ⁠ I am completely and wholeheartedly apologetic that I have offended or triggered anyone with this collection title. ⁠ Everything that i do with Stolen Girlfriends Club is meant to make people feel good and to feel like they are part of this family, not the opposite. Hopefully my friends can attest to this (they’ll probably attest to me being an idiot sometimes too). ⁠ I have changed the collection title to ‘True Artifacts’ – as this was my true intention for this collection.⁠ ⁠I love these images so much and want to thank Ayan & Juno for the great work they always do! Marc xx

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同ブランドのデザイナー、マーク・ムーア(Marc Moore)氏は声明文の中で、コレクションの名前に「Stolen(盗まれた)」という単語を使用したのは、ブランド名が由来していると弁解した。


そして現在、『Stolen Artifacts(盗まれた芸術品)』は、『True Artifacts(本物の芸術品)』に改名されている。


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