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ツイッチ上で韓国文化の紹介を発信しているジャニー・リー(Giannie Lee=トップ)さんは、世界中のストリーマー(配信者)達が集まるツイッチの祭典『TwitchCon(ツイッチコン)』に参加するために、ドイツの首都ベルリンへ訪れていた。





Source: GiannieLee/Twitch







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I’m Giannie who is staying in a beautiful city called Berlin.  I visited Germany for Twitchcon. During my stay in Germany, I was very happy. On the day I had to go back to South Korea, I decided to cancel my flight ticket and stay in Germany for a month. That evening, I went to a German restaurant. The staff and guests at the restaurant were all kind to me. They waved and greeted me, gave me a warm smile, and enjoyed participating in my stream. I was sad to see some people criticizing the whole city for one “uncomfortable ” clip. That is why I write this. There were many difficult situations when I was streaming in Korea. I often had to be kicked out somewhere and criticized for speaking in English even though I was Korean. Those things made me cry a lot, sometimes angry, and my twitch friends always comforted me. I’m just an ordinary person. I’m not particularly better than others. If I looked nice to someone, it’s because my twitch community has grown me into a good person. And my twitch friends are the best teachers who give me good advice to deal with under any circumstances. And thanks to my twitch friends, I was able to stay in Berlin, so I could meet countless kind people on the streets. The people of Berlin always wave to me with a lovely smile.They smile amiably at me speaking German with awkward skill. Since my clip became known to people, I have received messages of apology and support from countless Germans. They’re apologizing to me for not their fault. How could you be kinder than this? I am happy every day to stay in Berlin. And I’m grateful to the Berliners for always being kind to this suspicious woman carrying a camera. Thank you all for your concern and support for me😊 #ichliebeBerlin 🇩🇪

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